Customer card details taken over the phone pose a growing fraud risk to contact centers.  On Demand by TrustCall minimizes this risk by routing all sensitive data outside your network. Agents never even see it.Deployed using the world's first pay per transaction model, it delivers a cost efficient, seamless and secure service that's worth sharing.
For contact center security and compliance, there’s just one name you can trust. Be it with payments, payment gateways, fintech, information security, fraud prevention, risk management or tackling cybercrime, TrustCall can help. Our patented payment service, identity authentication and biometrics innovation tackles even the toughest compliance and regulations, for Regtech, PCI DSS, GDPR, PSD2 and even MiFID.
TrustCall products tackle a myriad of data protection scenarios, including the data protection act (DPA), general data protection regulation (GDPR), anti money laundering (AML) and in the banking world, know your customer (KYC) process where information is obtained about the identity and address of customers so that banks' services are not misused while opening accounts.

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