Can your contact centre agents take payments securely?

Your customer service agents spend most of their time answering questions and guiding people towards a resolution.

But there will be occasions when agents need to take payments – either to process missed direct debits, or as part of new orders.

Either way, these irregular transactions can be a slow, frustrating process for the customer, or a positive experience that takes seconds to complete.

For many contact centres, taking payments is a fragmented process that can cause lost sales, wasted time, disappointed customers, frustrated agents and compliance risks.

Protecting payment card data

One of the biggest challenges of taking ad-hoc customer payments by phone is the compliance risks. Under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), organisations cannot store payment card information on call recordings.

Additionally, organisations must find ways to shield agents from payment data, so they can remove the opportunity (and temptation) for agents to harvest information. Given that the overwhelming majority of customer service agents are honest and law-abiding, contact centres must maintain security while not making agents feel judged or as though they are under suspicion – as this can have a significant impact on staff satisfaction and turnover. Therefore, the optimal contact centre payment solutions route all sensitive data away from agents.

Is payment card data passing through your network?

Your organisation does not want to store payment card details – nor does it need the data to pass through your network, or across the screen of your agents. All you need to know is that a payment was made successfully.

So how can you meet customer demands for a fast, simple payment solution, but also meet the demands of payment industry regulations?

Pause and resume recordings

One option for keeping payment card information off call recordings is to pause the recording and then resume once the payment information has been provided. The customer’s speech is replaced by tones so the call length and timing remain authentic.

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On-demand payment solution

Another option is to use a third-party payment solution that keeps payment information away from your network, your business and your agents. This is a seamless approach that makes it easy for your agents to collect payments – without incurring any risk of data loss. An on-demand solution sits on top of your existing network, meaning that you can retain all your existing networks and lines, and only pay when transactions are processed.

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