Biometric voice recognition tackles the biggest contact centre threat

To remain competitive and keep their biggest clients, call centres need to get security-savvy. Biometric voice recognition technology can reduce the incidence of one of the biggest problems facing contact centres and their customers – identity fraud. Identity theft is big business. The UK’s fraud prevention service, CIFAS, has reported that the level of identity fraud has reached its highest level to date, their latest report shows the number of victims also translates in to eye-watering sums of money.

CIFAS estimates that the cases reported in 2018 alone cost the British economy 400million. For the same year, the banks clearing service, APACS, reported that fraud worth 500million had been carried out on UK-issued plastic. Of this, the majority related to ‘card not present’ fraud – this is a key indicator for the contact centre.

APACS states that these crimes most commonly involve the theft of genuine card details to make a purchase through a remote channel such as the telephone or the Internet. And this is where the problems for call centres start.

In an interconnected world, responsibility for security cascades through a lengthy supply chain. A breach in one can ripple out and cause chaos in another. Call centres need to ensure that they have the highest standards of security measures and processes in place if they are to remain competitive and profitable, yet they remain particularly vulnerable to the practices of identity thieves.

Identity fraud like this is a symptom of the increasing number of everyday transactions that take place online or over the telephone through call centres. The demand for convenience from the customer and cost-effectiveness from their bank or other supplier, has placed the call centre at the heart of customer relations – indeed of the economy as a whole.

But as personal interaction becomes rarer, the ability to confirm someone’s identity by their physical presence lessens. New methods need to be employed to ensure that an individual’s identity in the virtual world is as secure as it is in the physical one.

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