The growing dangers of data

The risk of identity fraud and data exposure is on the increase. And when it strikes, the consequences are as  damaging to customers and businesses alike.
$21bn — The cost of USA contact center fraud in 2016.
Source: PCI Security Standards
Council, March 2017
$147bn — What the PCI Security Standards Council believes GDPR fines to be in 2018 if breaches remain the same as
2015 levels.
Source: PCI Security Standards
Council, March 2017
Compliance can be complex, but our services are simple.  TrustCall can help you:
• Improve customer experienceby reducing friction
• Reduce cost
• Improve conversion
• Increase customer trust
• Increase operational efficiency
• Reduce data protection and fraud risk
• Ease regulatory compliance (PCI DSS, PSD2, GDPR, 4AMLD, DPA)
• Manage workforce effectivelyand sensitively

Protect tomorrow, today.
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