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The only solution available to ensure secure payments over webchat sessions.

Simple, secure payments over Webchat and SMS

Four decades since the money in our wallets went decimal, the world of payments has changed beyond recognition. Debit cards have overtaken cash as our most popular payment choice. Electronic payments have gone mainstream, while only 4% of total volume of payments were made by cheque in 2016 (

Contactless card technology is omnipresent and mobile phone payments are rising sharply thanks to the proliferation of smart devices. The International Monetary Fund has even issued guidelines to governments on how to subvert public resistance against the elimination of cash (

And call centres are not immune to the change and the rapidly growing addition and use of new channels is only making the need for change more urgent. In fact, webchat is no longer a niche channel and is rapidly establishing itself in consumer preferences, particularly in retail-based environments.

The rise of Webchat

Webchat offers the capabilities to support a web self-service session which cannot be fulfilled successfully. It offers a similar speed of response to the phone channel, and there is also no reason why payments cannot be taken effectively and securely over that channel also.

Ultimately, customers will decide which mode of interaction they prefer and organisations must be ready. Indeed, webchat delivers consumer choice and a modern, near real-time response to today’s digitally aware consumer. It is typically cheaper than a traditional voice call and has been proven to enhance online shopping experiences and increase customer loyalty.

Webchat/SMS: supporting multi-channel payment strategies

Through our decades of experience across the contact centre space, we know that customers increasingly expect to be able to interact with brands via multiple channels. Webchat and SMS are key components of a multi-channel communication strategy and require secure mechanisms to enable customers to make PCI compliant payments.

Up until now, this has been impossible and has required a channel switch to voice or web to convert the interaction to payment. With TrustCall’s Webchat/SMS, secure payments can be conveniently taken, as well as service enquiries. Companies who have or wish to adopt a multi-channel strategy will find this especially appealing for its cost-effectiveness and for transactions where customers might prefer not to speak to an agent such as debt recovery or collections.

How it works:

TrustCall Webchat/SMS integrates easily with your chosen technology provider’s systems, so there’s no need to duplicate or reformat any previously completed work.

A seamless multi-channel contact centre payment experience is achieved in two simple steps:

Step 1: An agent and customer will be discussing goods, products or services via your existing webchat technology.

Step 2: At the point a payment needs to be taken, TrustCall Webchat/SMS initiates an outbound payment channel to the customer, fully populated with the relevant information (e.g. amount, references and any other information required).

In a similar way to On-Demand for voice interactions, Webchat/SMS does not expose the agent to any card details or sensitive information. The customer enters their payment information in the webchat window and the agent closes the session.

Traditionally, at the point in the webchat where a payment needs to be taken, the agent would traditionally switch the customer to another channel – call into the contract centre or guide to a web page. This cuts the conversation with the agent and may result in transaction abandonment.

Built for you

Because every situation is different, TrustCall Webchat/SMS has been designed to be customisable to specific customer situations.

TrustCall Webchat/SMS is vendor agnostic and can be integrated with your preferred webchat solution. Alternatively, we can also provide an end-to-end web chat platform. Our experts can quickly create a solution that meets your requirements today and can be adapted to meet future business growth and regulatory change. For your peace of mind, all the solutions we create have been built with compliance in mind, regardless of your industry.

What this means to you

TrustCall, an IPI company, has inherited over 30 years of contact centre expertise as well as a DNA of innovation.

We know what’s important, and the benefits of Webchat/SMS address your needs:

  • Convenient payments
  • Faster payments
  • Payments on the move
  • Operationally efficient – converts what was typically a cost base into a revenue generating area
  • Multi-channel delivery
  • Integrates with existing systems.

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