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The only solution available to ensure secure payments over webchat sessions.

The dangers of data

Let’s face it, payments are generally not your core business. But customer information must still be protected in accordance with various standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Aside from being a regulatory requirement in some industries such as financial services, call recording is also standard practice across many industries for training, monitoring or customer service purposes.

Should the call recording media be lost or breached and accessed by criminals, individual callers and their personal data will be at risk, and the organisation responsible will fall foul of data protection regulations.

In addition, with data protection regulations such as the Data Protection Act in the UK and the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), sensitive personal information must be handled sensitively in the same way as any digital or written data where the customer can be identified through that data.

In fact, it is a violation of PCI DSS Requirement 3.2 to store any sensitive authentication data, including card validation codes and values, after authorisation even if encrypted.

Pause & Resume: Simple, automated Pause & Resume call recording

We believe the best way to protect organisations from losing sensitive data is to completely avoid being exposed to it in the first place.

TrustCall Pause & Resume is a proven, simple and effective solution that enables your call centre to meet its payment security and data protection obligations by ensuring that archived calls start life in compliance with regulations.

Pause & Resume prevents any sensitive data from being captured in the recordings, thus providing piece of mind to organisations where data retention is a legal requirement for many years after the interaction has taken place.

Recognised by PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), it is used by dozens of retail, financial services and government customers across tens of thousands of agent positions. When a recording is paused, the speech is automatically replaced by tones, and when resumed, the recording continues, preserving the same identity and call length as the original call, protecting call quality and integrity.

TrustCall Pause & Resume offers two client APIs (web service and TCP/IP) as well as having its own dedicated desktop trigger detection application.


Don’t worry, be API…

With TrustCall Pause & Resume, developers can build the “trigger” to pause and resume a recording directly into their application. It is also often possible to utilise these APIs from within the scripting or macro environment of terminal emulation packages used in legacy applications. Full documentation of these APIs is provided with the product and developer training can be arranged either on customer premises or at our offices.


Customised, automated application triggers

When the use of APIs is not possible, TrustCall Pause & Resume offers the alternative option of a “Screen Scraping” desktop trigger application that can be configured to react to the appearance or activation of other Windows forms or captions.

Where it is not possible to isolate a trigger using this application, our experts will review the customer’s application. This is usually done by installing development tools onto an agent machine to allow capture of full logs of the application’s display and messaging, so that a custom trigger package can be developed. The custom trigger will then be used by our standard desktop trigger Windows application, which on detecting a trigger will communicate back to the recorder control service.

TrustCall Pause & Resume’s desktop trigger application requires no interaction from the agent and can be configured to start automatically when an agent logs in (e.g. requesting the device or agent ID), or can be started by another application (e.g. linked data via database lookup or Active Directory).

Built for you

Because every situation is different, TrustCall Pause & Resume has been designed to be customisable to specific customer situations.

Our experts can quickly create a solution that meets your requirements today and can be adapted to meet future business growth and regulatory change. For your peace of mind, all the solutions we create have been built with compliance in mind, regardless of your industry.

What this means to you

TrustCall, an IPI company, has inherited over 30 years of contact centre expertise as well as a DNA of innovation.

We know what’s important, and the benefits of TrustCall Pause & Resume are:

  • Automated Pause & Resume
  • Flexible APIs
  • Customisable desktop trigger application for legacy environments
  • Flexible, intuitive agent interface
  • Easily tailored to specific requirements.




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