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Descope your call centre environment from PCI DSS compliance with the first pay-as-you-go cloud-based solution for secure telephone payments.

TrustCall, an IPI company, is proud to pioneer security and compliance solutions to protect your contact centre and customers from harm. Shaping our innovative technology to changing regulations; to a changing world.  

Technology has never evolved faster. Data has never been more valuable. Or so desired. Contact centres must mitigate the risk: protect their reputation; protect their customers. TrustCall is here to add certainty to service – enhancing your security without compromising on the customer experience.

The TrustCall suite of products removes agent exposure to sensitive information and streamlines the customer experience. It also ensures that any information stored in your environment remains compliant, drastically reducing the scope of your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Because as those looking to exploit your business become more sophisticated, so too must your defences.

When the cardholder’s not there, On-Demand will be:

TrustCall believes the best way to protect organisations from losing sensitive data is to completely avoid being exposed to it in the first place. All you need to know is that you got paid.

We’ve pioneered our cloud-based On-Demand technology to provide just such a service. Routing risk away from your network; away from harm. Just when you need it.

The challenge of compliance

Of all the calls you receive within your contact centre, only a few generally involve a payment. But customer information must still be protected in accordance with various standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Introducing On-Demand: there when you need it

On-Demand is our patented innovation that protects your reputation by routing all sensitive data during a transaction through our Level 1 PCI DSS provider. As well as reducing the security controls required in-house, there’s no need for banks of IVRs sitting across all your lines as our software solution achieves the same result in a cost effective manner.

But that’s not all. True to its name, On-Demand is only invoked when a card is used to make a payment during a call. That means you only pay when you use the service, giving you a predictable total cost of ownership. And the call doesn’t get interrupted, so your agent can concentrate on what they do best: providing excellent customer service.

Compliance without compromise:

On-Demand has been engineered to solve the challenges contact centres face when taking card payments without compromising the customer experience. Its benefits are as wide-ranging as your customer base.

Easily embedded

On-Demand is a cloud-based software solution that can either be embedded into your existing CRM system or used as a stand-alone web application.

Removes the risk

When your agents take card payments from customers, at no time does any of the sensitive card information pass into the contact centre environment or systems – whether infrastructure, agents or storage.

Instead, a hosted or cloud-based solution intercepts card data at the network level while your agent remains in contact with the customer. This descopes your telephone payments from PCI DSS compliance.

On completion, the call is simply routed back to the agent, who can then complete closure activities for a seamless customer experience.


Because secure mode and routing to the PCI DSS-compliant payment service provider is only invoked when a payment actually takes place, TrustCall On-Demand is the first cloud-based solution to enable a true pay-as-you go model. This ensures price elasticity, unlike so many of your competitors who are still stuck with seat-based licensing models.

Fewer controls, more freedom

On-Demand slashes the number of security controls required to fulfil from over 300 to just nine. This means there’s no need for clean rooms: you can reintroduce personal freedom and raise the morale of your staff. And happier agents make for happier customers.

Carrier independent

Our hosted solution is truly carrier independent. There’s no need to lock your business into a multi-year call and line deal with a single provider for all locations, as some of our competitors do.

With us, you can keep all your existing calls and lines contracts intact, decoupling PCI DSS compliance from your operations. That way you retain the ability to select the best partners to work with, allowing you to “right size” your regulatory challenges.


Three steps to a safer service

Step 1: Customer initiates call

The customer makes the call and interacts with your agent in the usual way.

When combined with other TrustCall solutions such as Identity, the customer can also be automatically verified – further reducing call handling times and securing the experience.

Step 2: Customer makes a payment

When a customer needs to make a card payment during the call, the agent accesses a simple screen showing fields for sensitive information (for example, credit card number, expiry date, CVV2).

While the agent can see the fields, they never see their content or hear DTMF tones as the customer enters the information through their phone.

At this point, and only when a payment is required as part of the interaction, On-Demand automatically routes the call in secure mode through to our Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment service providers.

Unlike Pause & Resume solutions, the agent remains in contact with the customer throughout the entire interaction. Should there be a problem (for example, an input error) the agent can ask the customer to re-enter the information at any point. The card number and expiry date are also automatically validated by the system.

Step 3: Unwind

On completion, the call is routed back to the agent who can then complete closure activities, for example cross-selling or a service survey.

At no time does any sensitive card information pass through or reside in any of your systems or the contact centre environment.


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