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TrustCall On-Demand

When the payment card details come out, our technology kicks in and ensures Contact Centre compliance.  TrustCall On-Demand, our patented, cloud-based software solution, routes all sensitive data outside your network. If your agents can’t see it and your contact centre doesn’t store it, it can’t hurt your organisation. 

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TrustCall On-Demand Introduction


Customer card details taken over the phone pose a growing fraud risk to contact centres. Our patented On-Demand technology minimises danger by routing all sensitive data outside your network. Agents never even see it. Deployed using the world’s first pay-per-transaction model, it delivers a cost-efficient, seamless and secure service that’s worth sharing.


On-Demand Overview

Easily embedded

On-Demand is a cloud-based software solution that can either be embedded into your existing CRM system or used as a stand-alone web application.

Removes the risk

When your agents take card payments from customers, at no time does any of the sensitive card information pass into the contact centre environment or systems – whether infrastructure, agents or storage.

Instead, a hosted or cloud-based solution intercepts card data at the network level while your agent remains in contact with the customer. This descopes your telephone payments from PCI DSS compliance.

On completion, the call is simply routed back to the agent, who can then complete closure activities for a seamless customer experience.


Because secure mode and routing to the PCI DSS-compliant payment service provider is only invoked when a payment actually takes place, TrustCall On-Demand is the first cloud-based solution to enable a true pay-as-you go model. This ensures price elasticity, unlike so many of your competitors who are still stuck with seat-based licensing models.

Fewer controls, more freedom

On-Demand slashes the number of security controls required to fulfil from over 300 to just nine.

Carrier independent

Our hosted solution is truly carrier independent. There’s no need to lock your business into a multi-year call and line deal with a single provider for all locations, as some of our competitors do.

With us, you can keep all your existing calls and lines contracts intact, decoupling PCI DSS compliance from your operations. That way you retain the ability to select the best partners to work with, allowing you to “right size” your regulatory challenges.

Our TrustCall On-Demand Partners

  • Genesys

    Genesys powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year and is the only company recognized by top industry analysts as a leader in both...
  • Interactive Intelligence


    PCI-PAL is a suite of solutions designed to help run your customer contact operations in adherence with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • VMware

    We are a VMware Professional Solutions Provider.
  • Avaya

    We are Avaya Diamond Partners in Enterprise UC and Contact Centre solutions, as well as Mid-market UC solutions.
  • Microsoft

    As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are among the most highly accredited independent technical support providers.
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