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For archived call recordings and electronic documents that are just as secure and compliant as the real-time data you’re processing.

The challenge of compliance

Aside from being a regulatory requirement in some industries such as financial services, call recording is also standard practice across many industries for training, monitoring or customer service purposes.

Invariably, these legacy call recordings will contain sensitive information that must be secured appropriately. With data retention periods often extending across many years, contact centre managers are faced with the challenges of meeting these regulatory and operational requirements, as well as securing the information entrusted to them.

This is compounded by the fact that, in most cases, information should be “easily accessible” for a period of six months, and should customers request their information, this should be honoured in less than a month, forcing contact centre managers into a difficult balancing act.

With data protection regulations, such as the Data Protection Act in the UK and the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), call recordings must be secured in the same way as any digital or written data where the customer can be identified through that data.

And then there’s the Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This effectively amounts to storage of cardholder information, which must be either:

  • Secured, if it is the card number or expiry date (e.g. encryption); or
  • Entirely eliminated, if it is the CVV2 (i.e. complete erasure is required as even encryption is not allowed).

 Legacy Cleanup: simple, automated retrieval and redaction of call recordings

Legacy Cleanup is a simple and effective way to clean up toxic data storage in your contact centre. It enables your contact centre to meet its data protection obligations and ensures that archived call recordings and electronic documents are just as secure as the real-time data you’re processing.

Legacy Cleanup provides the ability to scan many millions of calls and documents automatically and identify where they may contain toxic data. Call centre managers can then decide whether to retain, purge or retrospectively remove the sensitive information.

Parallel processing

With Legacy Cleanup, calls are extracted from the legacy recordings by dividing the processing workload into small parallel tasks.

For example, an extraction of 1,000 users across one week might be divided into 70 tasks, each for 100 users on one day. The 70 tasks will execute in parallel according to fully parameterisable preset schedules. The schedules are responsible for task creation, test scheduling and search criteria, often using a combination of inputs (e.g. CSV files), and platform settings configured on the dashboard will determine which calls are extracted and when.

Retrieving and extracting call recordings

The retrieval functionality of Legacy Cleanup allows organisations to extract calls and metadata from voice recorders and move the data to another location, optionally compressing, encrypting and enriching the data in the process.

This facility also monitors and audits the extractions, providing the following benefits:

  • Exponentially reduced extraction times
  • Greater accuracy of information collected,
  • Fully auditable and lawfully defensible extractions
  • Non-proprietary self-service request and search portal.

Operational efficiency

Legacy Cleanup requires very little on a day-to-day basis, and most of the settings are configured during the installation. No maintenance is required as the schedule will continue to run until it is directed not to. A set of dashboards allow you to modify the configuration and generate reports or otherwise interact with the extractions, as and when required:

  • Suspended Tasks Dashboard

Calls and groups of calls that have been suspended due to unavailability are listed so they can be further examined. If calls are determined to be retrievable they can be manually added back to the work queue, if not, they can be stopped from being extracted.

  • Reports Dashboard

The reports page allows manual generation of email reports across configurable time ranges. Typically reports will contain data regarding exceptions in the extractions and overall statuses of groups of extractions, coded by colour and with percentages to indicate completion.


Once calls are extracted from the recordings, they go through a post-processing stage before they are moved to the selected external storage destination. The post-processing stage can include enriching the recording data with other data sources, encrypting, redacting, compressing or signing calls, as well as managing irretrievable calls.

In addition, licensable or open source encoding and decoding can be applied, and calls can be checked for size and renamed appropriately.

The data can also be rewritten into various formats, databases or external APIs, and any algorithmic transformation can be applied to both the calls and the data, subject to the supporting technologies or methods being available.

Built for you

Because every situation is different, TrustCall Legacy Cleanup has been designed to be customisable to specific customer situations.

Our experts can quickly create a solution that meets your requirements today and can be adapted to meet future business growth and regulatory change. For your peace of mind, all the solutions we create have been built with compliance in mind, regardless of your industry

In addition, TrustCall Legacy Cleanup can be offered either as an on-premise application or as a hosted deployment that provides reliable, flexible and scalable, on-demand services.

What this means to you

TrustCall, an IPI company, has inherited over 30 years of contact centre expertise as well as a DNA of innovation.

We know what’s important, and the benefits of TrustCall Legacy Cleanup are:

  • Exponentially reduced extraction times
  • Greater accuracy of information collected
  • Fully auditable and lawfully defensible extractions
  • Multiple post-processing options
  • Flexible, intuitive dashboards
  • Easily tailored to specific requirements
  • Flexible implementation models
  • Scalable to many thousands of calls.

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